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Jon Stewart’s Replacement Should Not be Another White Guy

Stewart’s final show is yet undecided but that hasn’t stopped the Internet from exploding with speculation regarding the identity of his successor and after tirelessly skimming online media for answers I have emerged with only one conclusion: If (we) the people have any say in the matter—his replacement will not be a white man.

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Observations from the Sanity Rally (Part II)

Another set of observations from a HeadCount volunteer (a DC local)

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Observations from the Sanity Rally (Part I)

A HeadCount volunteer sums up the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

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Rally to Restore Sanity taking hold across America

A rally to “Restore Sanity?” Have we as a nation really gone so mad that we need a mass movement to bring us back to reality?

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Put A Lid On It: Patching the Earth’s Wound at 5000 Feet

The Gulf Coast oil spill presents a wide array of problems, none more urgent than figuring out how to immediately contain the leak. The project is an engineer’s wet dream, (no pun intended.) They’ve created an “Oil containment dome” that is ready to be placed atop the sunken Deepwater Horizon rig that continues to spew…

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Health Care Reform Issue Update: Making History

Millions opposed and millions had hope. The country was split but the Congress’ vote was 219 – 212 in favor of Health Care Reform. There have been jokes and somber anecdotes, but the century-long quest for near universal coverage came to a climax a month ago, when the reform bill was signed into law. Whether or not all…

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Loophole Lets Insurance Companies Stick It To Kids With Pre-Existing Conditions

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Climate Change Movement Digs Self Out Of Snow

When a pair of snowstorms pounded Washington DC, climate-change skeptics were quick to call for an end to any discussion of global warming or climate-related legislation. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) tweeted, “It’s going to keep snowing until Al Gore cries uncle,” and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin called global warming “snake oil science.” It’s left…

Obama Meets Republicans, Wins Back Jon Stewart

If you haven’t yet watched President Obama’s lively and engaging Q&A during a GOP retreat last Friday, what are you waiting for? (Or you could just catch the high points, with an obviously delighted Jon Stewart, below.) Yes, political points aplenty were scored. But more importantly, Obama was modeling a type of civil discourse that,…

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Town Hall Turmoil

Corporate-funded “tea-party” birther types (a Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll shows that 58% of all Republicans are either don’t believe Obama was born in the USA or are undecided on the issue) have codified their intent to disrupt this month’s nationwide town-hall events focusing on health-insurance reform – as when the woman locally known as “Crazy…