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Food & Farm Policy Issue Update: Farm Aid Keeps on Rockin’ While the Gov’t Cracks Down on the Underground Market

Government keeps cracking down on fresh food sold directly to consumers on the “underground market,” but somehow government agencies aren’t doing anything about junk food advertising for kids or salmonella outbreaks. Does that make you mad?

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Farm Aid Rocks Milwaukee for Sustainable Farms

This past weekend, some of Rock and Roll’s finest musicians and over 35,000 fans joined together at Milwaukee’s Miller Park for the 25th annual Farm Aid concert.

John Mellencamp’s Facebook Smoking Ultimatum

Fourteen-year-old Speck Mellencamp talked his father, roots rocker (and Farm Aid co-founder) John Mellencamp into quitting smoking if he got a million people to join this Facebook page. It’s up to 231,091 and still has a long way to go, in spite of Speck’s chat with Scott Simon on NPR this weekend. Speck’s page also…

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Farm Aid Fighting Factory Farming

Farm Aid teams up with Headcount each year to register concertgoers to vote at our annual Farm Aid concert. But Farm Aid is about much more than incredible music. Started in 1985 by Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Neil Young (Dave Matthews joined the Board of Directors in 2001), Farm Aid’s mission is to keep…