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The Soundtrack of Change

Protest songs aren’t dead — far from it. They’re experiencing a resurgence as musicians are getting more involved in the biggest issues of the day.

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Joan Baez: Human Being, Pacifist, Folksinger

Before there was Ani DiFranco there was Joan Baez. Bob Dylan’s former muse was pilloried as “phony Joanie” in the American press because of her public protests against America’s involvement in Vietnam and then for visiting Hanoi. Numerous causes later, the folk-singing pacifist, 68, is enjoying a late-game surge of interest with last year’s Steve…

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Joan Baez Sings ‘We Shall Overcome’ In Farsi

During last month’s fixed election, Joan Baez sat down in what appears to be her kitchen to dedicate a stately solo version of “We Shall Overcome” to the people of Iran – with lyrics in Farsi.