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Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Update: An Eye-Witness Report from the Gulf

Where I can, I try to report on the positive things happening in the Gulf. But after my last update, I got a little wakeup call from Galactic guitarist Jeff Raines.

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HeadCount Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Update: Galactic Calling for a Full Gulf “Headcount”

Whether it’s from Jeff Raines of Galactic, Spike Lee, HBO or a member of the New Orleans Saints, there’s been a lot of talk about New Orleans and the Gulf of late, and much of it is good news. The 2010 Census is seen as a once-a-decade opportunity to increase federal funding to the area, and there’s great…

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Interview: Galactic’s Jeff Raines On New Orleans Recovery

We caught up with Galactic guitarist Jeff Raines last month, while the band was touring around the release of its latest album, Ya-Ka-May, which features guest appearances by just about every great Crescent City musician. In that spirit, we spoke with him about the current state of New Orleans. Headcount: I’ll start with a very…