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10 Years of the iTunes Store, 10 Years of Songs You Recognize Because They Were in iPod Commercials

It’s the anniversary of the iTunes store, so we’re looking back at years of commercials advertising iPods and featuring songs you can buy in the store.

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New App Brings Iconic Music Photography to Your iPad

A new app allows you to peer into the mind of legendary music photographer Danny Clinch.

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“This Is A Subliminal Message…” Is Not A Subliminal Message

Apple hates subliminal content SO much they’ll remove some albums… sometimes… when they feel like it.

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The Beatles come to iTunes

Yesterday Steve Jobb’s announced that Apple would be making a huge announcement today. This morning we found out that the announcement would be……The Beatles!

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Pink Floyd Wins ‘Artistic Integrity’ Battle With EMI

Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – like listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon from start to finish. So hats off to British Chancellor Sir Andrew Morritt, who agreed with the band this week that individual songs should not be sold online without the band’s permission. In court,…

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Happy Birthday Apple App Store

The Apple App Store celebrates its first birthday this week by gathering some of its favorite games and apps on iTunes. Among the top of the list are apps for Pandora Radio and the Midomi Music Identifier and Search, both clutch for music fans. The store’s official launch date was July 11, 2008 following some…