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Political Change Through Old-School Pen And Paper

What do politicians and platypuses have in common? According to Omar Ahmad, neither creature can tell directions and both have very strange breeding habits. Omar Ahmad is an internet start-up specialist who sits on his hometown city council in San Carlos, CA. In the concise TED Conference presentation below, Ahmad argues that the best way…

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Take The Clean Concert Pledge

Yesterday was Earth Day and you were too busy to plant a tree. It’s understandable. But as a live music fan, you should take the Clean Concert Pledge: “I will leave no trash on the ground at outdoor concerts and will encourage my friends and neighbors to do the same.” Ben Coe at the Artist…

Interview: Bob Weir Part 1 – On HeadCount, Voting, And Grateful Dead Politics

Bob Weir – of the Grateful Dead, RatDog, and, most recently, Furthur – sits on HeadCount’s board of directors and has long been a vigorous advocate of voter registration and participatory democracy. Last fall, during RatDog’s four-night run at Manhattan’s historic Beacon Theater, Bob sat down with Rolling Stone‘s David Fricke to discuss HeadCount, politics…

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Saturday HeadCount Panel At SXSW

HeadCount Executive Director Andy Bernstein hosts a panel titled “

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Interview: Marc Brownstein On Bisco Power

HeadCount co-founder Marc Brownstein, the bubbling bass man with The Disco Biscuits, is on a roll. On March 16, the Biscuits release Planet Anthem, an ambitious left turn of an album full of ambitious pop experiments. The album is already causing a ruckus among fans, who’ve been hearing some of the new material on tour….

Making Our Voice Heard On Climate Change

The following was written for The Huffington Post: Nearly a year and a half ago, a record number of young voters turned out for the presidential election. Since then, civic-engagement organizations such as HeadCount have been fighting a sometimes difficult battle to keep young people excited about political participation. It isn’t easy. The paralysis in…

Bisco Power Mission Takes HeadCount To New Places

Dating back to HeadCount’s 2004 launch, we viewed the organization’s ultimate purpose as stretching well beyond voter registration. Our very first action plan called for HeadCount to serve as a “grassroots organizing arm of the live music community.” Our purpose, in the broadest sense, was to foster civic participation among fans of live music and…

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Health Care Reform Issue Update: The Situation, The Solution and Fist Pumpin’ in Health Care

As part of HeadCount’s “What’s Your Issue?” campaign, we publish regular updates on each of six issues. The following is our latest Health Care Reform update. Since the last health care update, MTV’s reality show “Jersey Shore” and the character “The Situation” have been fist pumpin’ their way into the cultural spotlight. Perhaps it’s just…

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Help Us Donate To Haiti Relief

While HeadCount is usually the recipient of donations from generous supporters – right now the victims of the Haiti earthquake are in much greater need. To contribute, HeadCount will be donating 100% of the funds we collect at concerts (via raffles and donations) to Haiti relief and other natural disaster-related efforts through March 1, 2010….

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‘Mock Show’ Draws Attention During Phish Run

Among the myriad of things to do during the sunny off hours of Phish’s four-night Miami New Year’s Eve run, the Mock Show topped the list for many. The poster and art exhibit featured the work of Jim Pollock, David Welker, Jeff Wood, AJ Masthay and many other artists and a set of music from…

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