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Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Update: The Presidential Candidates and the Gulf Coast

Let’s see what the candidates have said, and done, about Gulf Coast recovery and offshore drilling in the Gulf. (Spoiler alert… not much).

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Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Update: GOP Candidates Dig Gulf Drilling

The Republican primaries have brought a number of interesting issues to light. See where all of the candidates stand on issues related to the Gulf Coast

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Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Update: An Eye-Witness Report from the Gulf

Where I can, I try to report on the positive things happening in the Gulf. But after my last update, I got a little wakeup call from Galactic guitarist Jeff Raines.

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Pearl Jam and Friends Urge Obama to Ensure Gulf’s “Survival”

HeadCount artists Pearl Jam, My Morning Jacket, Bonnie Raitt Galactic and The Indigo Girls, along with over 80 other musicians and bands sent an open letter to President Obama urging him to dedicate more funding to restoring the Gulf Coast.

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Sustainability & Climate Change Issue Update: Thom Yorke, Ben Harper and Seafood Lovers are Cursing the Oil Spill

The images are heartbreaking. Over a month after the BP Deepwater Horizon rig went up in flames, the underwater oil spill is still spewing an estimated million gallons a day into the waters of the Gulf Coast. Scientists are warning that oil is already on its way to Florida, and could reach up the eastern seaboard.  Hit the…

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From Casual “Hangout” to a “Concert for the Coast”

The chance to make a difference sometimes comes in unexpected packages. Huka Entertainment, a popular concert promoter in Mobile, AL, set out to produce a large-scale concert festival on the beach in nearby Gulf Shores. With the white sands and emerald green water of the region as a primary selling point, they garnered a healthy…

Muddy Waters in Aftermath of Spill

Was Barack Obama’s support of offshore drilling just an ill-timed compromise or a complete capitulation to corporate interests? That’s a question that might linger as long as the oil slick itself. The fact that the spill came just weeks after Obama announced his plan to allow additional offshore has already invited some conspiracy theories and…

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Slick Move, BP! Barrels Of Oil Blanket Gulf Coast

BP Oil claims to be a friend of the environment, but its green image has been butchered due to a massive oil spill. On April 20th the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded, caught fire, and sank over the course of 36 hours. The rig is owned by Transocean and leased…