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Madonna, Katy Perry Launch #GayPropaganda on Eve of Olympics

As a controversial Olympics begins in Sochi, Russia, Katy Perry and Madonna are promoting gay rights with the (We Are) GayPropaganda campaign — and shining a light on recent Russian human rights abuses.

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2012 Election: A Turning Point For Same-Sex Marriage?

After 32-straight electoral losses, same-sex marriage went four-for-four this year. Opinion polls also show support from the majority of Americans. Has the tide turned permanently?

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Soldier Documents His Coming Out – Live on YouTube

An anonymous gay soldier started posting videos on YouTube five months ago and became a viral sensation. Yesterday, he showed his face… as he came out to his father.

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The Subtle Art of Name-Calling

Dan Savage wants America’s gay youth to know that things “get better” after high school… unless you’re Rick Santorum.

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I can get married?

A HeadCount blogger shares how – despite his sexual preferences – he never felt a strong connection with the LGBT community or its cause. But now that same-sex marriage could become legal in New York State, he has appreciation and gratitude for everyone who fought on his behalf.

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50-Cent on Why Homophobia is Bad for Business

As gay rights gain momentum amongst the young, cash-smart artists like 50 Cent are pulling back from anti-gay language.

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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Over For Real?

Thought Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was gone? Well, sort of.

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Musicians Lead Campaign For Gay Marriage

Earlier this week the organization Freedom to Marry launched a campaign entitled “Say I do, Mr President” that has garnered endorsements from celebs including recording executive David Geffen, singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge, Napster founder Sean Parker, popera singer Rufus Wainwright, and R&B performer Mya..

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Personal Liberties Issue Update: Love, Hate & Killing the Internet

Gay rights, the Patriot Act and Net Neutrality: this year, the battle for personal liberties continues to rage harder than a late night set at Bonnaroo.

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Personal Liberty Issue Update: Top 10 Personal Liberty Stories of 2010

From landmark Supreme Court cases to the Wikileaks controversy to the Tea Party, Americans expressed their passion for liberty in many different ways.

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