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Announcing the #GoVote Photo Campaign

Get ready. On Election Day, more than 300 entertainers will go on social media and post photos of themselves urging their fans to “#GoVote.”

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HeadCount at Ten: How It All Started

On February 13th, 2004, HeadCount officially launched at a small concert in Denver, CO. Ten years later, we’ve registered 300,000 voters and championed dozens of ways for the music community to make its voice heard.

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More from Jam Cruise

HeadCount’s Mountain West Regional Coordinator reflects on the beauty of Jam Cruising alongside fellow HeadCount volunteers and some of her favorite musicians.

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HeadCount on Jam Cruise!

HeadCount sent some of its top volunteers on Jam Cruise 11 as a reward for all their hard work. On board, they enjoyed great music, a dinner with artists (open to all HeadCount volunteers), and some serious bonding.

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Jam Cruise Calling

Want to go on Jam Cruise 11 for free? Volunteer to make some phone calls reminding fellow music fans to vote. The more calls you make, the better chance you have of winning. The prize includes a spot in the HeadCount Jam Cruise cabin and $400 in travel expenses.

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HeadCount Will Send You On Jam Cruise!

Want to go on Jam Cruise for FREE? We’ll be sending one outstanding HeadCount volunteer on a musical adventure at sea. It could be you!

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Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Update: An Eye-Witness Report from the Gulf

Where I can, I try to report on the positive things happening in the Gulf. But after my last update, I got a little wakeup call from Galactic guitarist Jeff Raines.

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HeadCount Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Update: Galactic Calling for a Full Gulf “Headcount”

Whether it’s from Jeff Raines of Galactic, Spike Lee, HBO or a member of the New Orleans Saints, there’s been a lot of talk about New Orleans and the Gulf of late, and much of it is good news. The 2010 Census is seen as a once-a-decade opportunity to increase federal funding to the area, and there’s great…

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Interview: Galactic’s Jeff Raines On New Orleans Recovery

We caught up with Galactic guitarist Jeff Raines last month, while the band was touring around the release of its latest album, Ya-Ka-May, which features guest appearances by just about every great Crescent City musician. In that spirit, we spoke with him about the current state of New Orleans. Headcount: I’ll start with a very…