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Food & Farm Policy Issue Update: How the Candidates View Food

With the presidential election upon us, we are back with another update on food and farm policy. These issues seem to get cast aside by the mainstream media, so I am here to help you make an informed and educated decision before you head to the polls.

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Michael Pollan is asking Californians to Vote for the Dinner Party

Think food should be the main thing on the political table? Michael Pollan does.

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Hipsters With Dirty Hands: America’s New Farmers

Earlier this week, the New York Times ran a feature on a growing trend: the newfound popularity of farming among America’s young people.

The Strokes to headline Sweetlife Festival

The Strokes will be headlining this spring’s annual Sweetlife Festival, a music festival that explicitly supports and promotes healthy eating and living green.

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Food & Farm Policy Issue Update: Frankenfish and Other Scary Eats

Some unsettling news has come across my desk; the creation of the… FRANKENFISH.

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Hey Vegetarians, Can I Interest You In a Little Neurotoxin?

Think you’re making the healthy choice by eschewing meat? If you’re opting for a non-organic veggie burger made by Boca Burger, Garden Burger or Morningstar (among others) you may be in for a surprise. Earlier this week Mother Jones’ Kiera Butler cited a Cornucopia Foundation study finding the majority of veggie burgers on the market…

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Pnuma Trio Giving Away Show For Conscious Alliance

Pnuma Trio is drawing attention to Conscious Alliance’s food-distribution efforts by offering a free download of their set from STS9‘s “Day Out of Time” celebration at Red Rocks Amphitheater in July. I was at the DOOT show and Pnuma threw it down, as always. The set includes new tunes “DAB,” moresamples,” and “avid” from their…

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Food Becoming The New Oil

Investors have been quietly buying up chunks of fertile African and Indonesian farmland in hopes of turning a tidy profit as the world’s population increases by another 2 billion food consumers over the next forty years to 9.1 billion. German news magazine Der Spiegel, in this eye-opening article translated in Salon, reports that the governments…

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Festy Food Review: The Search for Healthy Bonnafood

By Lisa Shanken Finding healthy vegetarian food at Bonnaroo is like finding a clean Porta-Potty. It’s there, but you have to look for it. This year marked my first Bonnaroo experience, and I had very high expectations given all the rave reviews I’ve heard from friends. Being a vegetarian and a nutritionist, I’m always a…

Paul McCartney Family Advocates Meatless Mondays

Tired: Fish on Fridays. Wired: Meatless Mondays. Today noted vegetarian Sir Paul McCartney, along with his daughters Stella and Mary, launched a new Meat Free Monday campaign to extol the environmental, health, political, socioeconomic, and spiritual virtues of reducing our collective intake of bird, fish, and animal flesh. The livestock industry is reportedly responsible for…

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