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The Best Way to Hit a Festival

Festival season is coming and HeadCount will be at more than 35 festivals this year (see the full schedule and volunteer). At select festivals, we’re excited to announce we will also offer special meet-the-artist experiences, exclusively from HeadCount, that include VIP tickets through our auction page. Some very specials fans will get to chill with guys from My Morning…

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CMJ Day 1: The Future of Festivals is in the Experience

Our Director of Artist Relations takes on day 1 of CMJ, and gains some insights about the past, present, and future of music festivals as they explode in popularity.

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Gritty and Amazing: Road Journal from Camp Bisco

Life on the road isn’t always easy for our festival coordinators, but the love they get from our fans makes it all worthwhile.

An Internship That Combined My Passions

My HeadCount internship was better than I could ever hope for. If you’re passionate about political activism and live music, you’ll definitely feel the same way.

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Food & Farm Policy Issue Update: Festie Farmers Markets and the Luck of the Amish

Sustainable local eats this summer with Dave Matthews, raw milk and more in this Issue Update.

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Chris and Keely’s Festival Adventure Part 2: Super Ball IX

Before Super Ball, HeadCount’s festival team leader Keely Gerhold has been to a grand total of ZERO Phish shows. Here, she recounts her experience.

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Feds Seizing Festival Owner’s Land, Bank Account

Can promoters or land-owners of a concert festival be held liable if people are buying drugs on their grounds? — It seems so.

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College Humor makes fun of every festival you have ever been to

And they do it well to boot! Check out the flyer for this summer’s Trademarkable Nonsense Word 2010 Festival! This part is my personal favorite…

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Interview: ‘Headz’ Author J. J. Colagrande

Have you ever been to a music festival, looked around, and thought, “I could write a book about this”? Well, a few months ago I noticed a post on my friend’s Facebook wall with a link to a novel called Headz and realized someone had beat us to the punch. Headz features characters you may…

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Interview: Ken Hays, Gathering The Vibes Since 1996

The Gathering of the Vibes has been an East Coast summer institution of Grateful Dead-centric music and hijinks since 1996, when it was founded by Ken Hays as a performance offshoot of Terrapin Tapes, his successful tapers supply source. The Vibes return to Bridgeport, Connecticut’s Seaside Park on July 23-26, with another strong lineup featuring…