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Turning Crowds into Custodians: The Magic of Electricology

Why do I love music festivals? Obviously it starts with the music. But if all I wanted was music I’d never have to leave my couch (or Spotify account). What really gets me going at fests is being part of a community greater than just myself. And Electric Forest holds a special place in my…

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Remember Climate Change?

“Climate Change” was not mentioned one single time in the Presidential Debates. Neither was “global warming.” Out of about four and a half hours and roughly 50,000 words, neither of those terms appeared even once. Yep, “Big Bird” was mentioned more than climate change.

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Turning Sh*t Into Gold

Flushing for a cause! Here’s how one company is turning sh*t into gold for people and the environment.

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Volunteer of the Month: Eytan Bernet

Another amazing volunteer helping us rock! Check out the HeadCount Volunteer of the Month!

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Government Raids Gibson Guitars

Gibson got raided by the Feds for allegedly importing endangered wood. But it’s the Feds – who have not charged Gibson with any violations – who are coming under fire.

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Muddy Waters in Aftermath of Spill

Was Barack Obama’s support of offshore drilling just an ill-timed compromise or a complete capitulation to corporate interests? That’s a question that might linger as long as the oil slick itself. The fact that the spill came just weeks after Obama announced his plan to allow additional offshore has already invited some conspiracy theories and…

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Concert Series To Benefit ‘Hippie Chimps’

On May 14 the musical collective Groovananda will gather in DC for a concert to benefit the Bonobo Conservation Initiative (BCI). Groovananda leader Wynne Paris is working closely with BCI to develop a benefit series he hopes will attract major artists to the cause. Check out their Facebook invitation for details. (Disclosure: I’ll be performing…

Americans Trash Environment In Poll

An early-March Gallup poll asked Americans which was more important: developing energy supplies even at a further detriment to the environment or protecting the environment even at the cost of limiting energy supplies? Fifty percent of those polled favored securing energy supplies from gas, oil, and coal, the highest percentage Gallup has seen in 10…

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HeadCount Sustainability and Climate Change Update: Signs of Life for Climate Legislation

Some of you have been getting HeadCount’s Sustainability and Climate Change e-newsletter for a while. But for many of you who joined our mailing list when downloading the “Best of Bonnaroo” compilation, this will be the first time. So let me briefly introduce myself: I’m Nicole and every six weeks I’ll hit you with a brief…

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Coal, Climate Change, Copenhagen, Canada

Even as the snow-topped peaks of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia melt before our eyes during the Winter Olympics, the coal industry wants to remind us how important “clean coal” is for creating affordable energy and future jobs. The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) is running TV ads during the games to champion coal…

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