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#StayWoke by being a LOCAL VOTER on Tuesday

Every couple of years I write a blog for HeadCount or for local blogs in Raleigh about the importance of voting in local elections. I recount the numerous important jobs local elected officials at the municipal or county level have, and how directly their work impacts our lives. You know what hasn’t happened? More people…

Record turnout for Ferguson local elections

Despite rainy weather throughout Ferguson, yesterday a record 29% diverse voter turnout altered the makeup of the city council to having 3 black and 3 white representatives. This historical shift in council make up is a direct result of the breakdown of Ferguson’s community and great loss. Historically Ferguson sees a 10% to 12% turnout in…

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Don’t Blame Congress for the Government Shutdown: An Open Letter to America

Guest contributor Alex Rinear argues that the government shutdown is ultimately the fault of the American people — particularly those who decline to vote. He calls on Americans to show up, be heard, and change Congress in 2014.

Voting in the Post-Preclearance Era

There’s more than one way to win an election.

NYC Votes: How a Wired City Can Make or Break a Candidate

Do technology and the internet really decide who wins elections? NYC might answer that question this fall.

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Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Anti-Discrimination Law

Does the election of a black president and high turnout among minority voters mean that discrimination at the polls is a thing of the past? The Supreme Court seems to think so.

Cutting-Edge Democracy

Will technology put the future of democracy in your hands? Find out in our first installment of Cutting-Edge Democracy, a new series on the technologies and innovations that are rocking the world of democratic participation.

Arizona Voter Registration ID Law Struck Down

The Supreme Court rules today that Arizona can’t require proof of citizenship to register to vote, because it violates federal law. It’s a big victory for voting rights groups, but it could be the beginning of a bigger national battle.

Ohio Extends Early Voting Hours – In Republican Counties

What are the hours for early voting in Ohio? Well that depends on who you’re voting for.

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A Constitutional Amendment to Limit Money in Politics

In the wake of the Occupy Wall Street protests, a Senator has proposed a constitutional amendment that would limit corporate influence in politics. But even this brash move would not keep corporations from being considered “people” in the eyes of the law.

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