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Human Rights Issue Update: Illegal Adoptions Tearing Families Apart

In this issue update, I’m tackling some issues that continue to rear their ugly heads and some new ones you may just be hearing about for the first time. Take the next few minutes to put yourself in someone else’s shoes…

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Interview: Oxfam’s Liz Lucas In Haiti

Providing water and preventing diarrhea is Oxfam’s main mission in Haiti right now, says Liz Lucas, the relief organization’s American press officer. And HeadCount is donating all money collected at shows through March 1 to Oxfam America’s relief effort in Haiti. (Learn more about how you can donate here.) Emergency-response organizations from around the world…

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Dave Matthews Band Offers ‘Haiti Relief’ EP

In addition to their Music for Relief track, the Dave Matthews Band is offering five previously unreleased live track for sale on its website. The Haiti Relief Project EP (and a limited-edition T-shirt) will benefit Dave Matthews’s Bama Works Haiti Relief Fund. The EP costs only $5. Moreover, proceeds from all other merchandise the band…

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In Defense Of Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean spent part of last week in Haiti, aiding in the earthquake relief process. But after raising more than $2 million through an SMS texting campaign, Jean’s Yéle Haiti foundation has come under scrutiny for poor financial management, and some question whether it’s the best organization to donate your money to. “It seems clear…

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Help Us Donate To Haiti Relief

While HeadCount is usually the recipient of donations from generous supporters – right now the victims of the Haiti earthquake are in much greater need. To contribute, HeadCount will be donating 100% of the funds we collect at concerts (via raffles and donations) to Haiti relief and other natural disaster-related efforts through March 1, 2010….

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Wyclef Jean Urges Aid to Haiti

Wyclef Jean is raising for rescue efforts following the 7.0-magnitude earthquake and aftershocks that hit Haiti yesterday, leaving the country devastated and in chaos. Hundreds of thousands of mostly poor people may have died in the worst earthquake to hit the area in 200 years, and resources are desperately needed to provide the most basic…