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Personal Liberty Issue Update: School Makes New Students Pee In A Cup, And Then Pay For It

College students face drug tests to attend school, teachers are getting themselves into trouble on Facebook, Michele Bachmann on the HPV vaccine, and more. Stay up to date and be grateful that you live in a nation where you can make your opinions known!

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Interview: “The Bunk Police” Testing Drugs at Music Festivals

A group of festival goers calling themselves the Bunk Police are on a mission to test the purity of some of the illegal drugs being sold on shakedown streets of music festivals around the country. They’re finding that more often than not, things are not what they seem.

Strip Searching Students Is Not OK

By Jonathan Perri We shouldn’t have needed the Supreme Court to confirm that school administrators do not have the authority to strip search students they suspect of wrongdoing. But that’s what happened June 25 when Savana Redding finally had her day in court nearly six years after being strip searched by a school administrator and…