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Personal Liberty Issue Update: Guns, More Guns, and Trey Anastasio

How the NRA plans to expand Second Amendment rights, why the Feds have been selling assault rifles to Mexican drug cartels, and why Phish front-man Trey Anastasio was given an award for his work on promoting drug courts.

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Pseudo Pot Legalization Hurts Drug Cartels. But Is It Enough?

It’s an argument marijuana legalization advocates have been using for years: If marijuana were legalized and regulated in America, drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) and gangs would be put out of business. But how much truth does that argument hold? The expansion of medical marijuana dispensaries and growers in California, Michigan, and Colorado could provide all the…

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Twelve Mexico Murders, Thirty-Four Drug Cartel Arrests

After he was elected president of Mexico in 2006, Felipe Calderon declared his own war on drugs, with an emphasis on battling drug cartels. There have been more than 10,000 drug-related killings since then, and the cartels don’t seem to be going anywhere. One of the more grisly recent events was the torture and murder…