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Announcing the #GoVote Photo Campaign

Get ready. On Election Day, more than 300 entertainers will go on social media and post photos of themselves urging their fans to “#GoVote.”

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Join Dispatch, The Disco Biscuits and Members of the Grateful Dead At our Gathering of the Vibes Fundraiser

HeadCount will be hosting two backstage VIP events at Gathering of the Vibes – Saturday Aug 2nd with Bill Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart and The Disco Biscuits, and Sunday Aug 3rd with Dispatch

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Interview: Dispatch

What happens when a band cares so deeply, they make helping causes a huge part of who they are? We asked the members of Dispatch about playing music with a higher sense of purpose.

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Education Issue Update: Dispatch Digs Into Budget Battle

In light of the long-delayed federal budget coming due, there’s lots of news on the education front – including the band Dispatch launching an entire campaign to protect Pell Grants and service.

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Dispatch to pass the torch of service at Red Rocks

The famed Red Rocks Amphitheater was built entirely by young people serving in the Civilian Conservation Corp. Now, 75-years later, Dispatch is kicking off a tour there, in the name of saving service and education in America.

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“Music for Action” is back with State Radio

HeadCount has teamed up with State Radio and Dispatch to run new “Music for Action” campaigns. The first, which debuted today, sees State Radio give away two exclusive tracks in support of Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis.

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Scalpers Present: Noachella

Can’t get a ticket to Coachella? Blame scalpers. Fans and musicians alike are fed up with after-market resale.

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State Radio’s Chad Stokes Urmston On Phish, Fandom, And Volunteerism

“The music industry needs to devise a single strategy to leverage new federal funding to mobilize fans to volunteer,” blogs State Radio‘s Chad Stokes Urmston (with co-writer Matt Wilhelm) in the Huffington Post. Urmston, whom we interviewed recently here, provides an excellent roundup of the many ways in which musicians are leveraging their fan base…