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With Lawsuits Flying Over Voting Rights, HeadCount Steps Up

Lawsuits are flying over attempts by Kansas and Arizona to change or disallow the federal voter registration form potentially creating a two-tier system where some residents can only vote in Federal elections. HeadCount put together a petition on the issue — which has almost 35,000 signatures, and counting.

As Two Lawsuits Challenge Voting Laws, Florida Prepares a New Purge

Election officials don’t seem too afraid of the DOJ or Eric Holder, who’s pledged to fight voter discrimination wherever he finds it. While he gears up for a legal challenge to North Carolina’s law, Florida builds its next purge of the voter rolls, and it’s Republican purge vs. Democrat lawsuit in Virginia.

The DOJ Takes on Texas Again — This Time Over Voter ID

Texas takes on a second lawsuit from the Department of Justice over voting laws the DOJ sees as discriminatory.

Government Raids Gibson Guitars

Gibson got raided by the Feds for allegedly importing endangered wood. But it’s the Feds – who have not charged Gibson with any violations – who are coming under fire.

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Live Nation And Ticketmaster Merge, Visit Wal-Mart

“Bad Moon Rising.” That’s the tune Chicago music journalists Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis opened their Sound Opinions public radio show/podcast with in regard to the Department of Justice’s recent approval of Live Nation and Ticketmaster’s merger to form the far-reaching Live Nation Entertainment. Jim and Greg believe the merger will change the concert industry…

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Obama Announces Federal Medical Marijuana Policy

Today, the Department of Justice released guidelines to clarify the enforcement of federal policy on people in states with medical marijuana legislation.  The new guidelines prioritize federal law enforcement resources for drug traffickers and money launders and explicitly state that prosecuting those in compliance with state law should not be a priority. As a general…