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Interview: #GoVote Artist David Welker

“It sometimes seems like factions in this country would like to take us back to the dark ages, but younger voters are looking for true cultural progress.” – David Welker

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‘Mock Show’ Draws Attention During Phish Run

Among the myriad of things to do during the sunny off hours of Phish’s four-night Miami New Year’s Eve run, the Mock Show topped the list for many. The poster and art exhibit featured the work of Jim Pollock, David Welker, Jeff Wood, AJ Masthay and many other artists and a set of music from…

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Mock Show: Epic NYE Voting Begins

This and other awesome posters are on display over at our Mock Show: Epic NYE page, where voting in a “mock election” to decide the year’s best Phish-related art has begun. Categories include best official print, best fan print (including David Welker’s lovely “Lady of the Rock,” at left), best series, best non-poster art, and…