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Dave Matthews asks: Will You Be the One?

In a new ad, over 20 celebritites including, Dave Mathews, John Goodman, James Carville, Sandra Bullock, and Lenny Kravitz, are encouraging people from all over the country to sign a petition demanding funding to ensure a clean and safe gulf for our generation as well as future ones.

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Ditching Bottled Water with Dave Matthews

Bottled water sure is convenient. But it’s also coming under new scrutiny.  The Story of Stuff created this fascinating video about bottled water that will likely make you think twice about how “smart” that Smartwater is: HeadCount artist Dave Matthews is at the forefront of musicians calling for action on this nation’s overuse of bottled water. DMB has…

Dave Matthews, Peter Gabriel On Haiti Benefit Comp

Music for Relief, a nonprofit founded by Linkin Park to provide disaster relief and reverse climate change, has assembled a timely compilation you can download in exchange for a donation to assist Haiti earthquake victims. It’s a fairly poptastic assortment. Peter Gabriel’s “Heroes” is from his cleverly titled upcoming album of cover versions, Scratch My…

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Reverb Greens Phish, Dave Matthews, O.A.R., And More

Reverb, the nonprofit dedicated to greening up tours and informing fans about sustainability, has a snazzy new video to launch its refreshed website. Since 2004, when it was founded by Guster’s Adam Gardner and his wife, Lauren Sullivan, Reverb has worked with the Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, O.A.R., Maroon 5, and many other acs…

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State Radio’s Chad Stokes Urmston On Phish, Fandom, And Volunteerism

“The music industry needs to devise a single strategy to leverage new federal funding to mobilize fans to volunteer,” blogs State Radio‘s Chad Stokes Urmston (with co-writer Matt Wilhelm) in the Huffington Post. Urmston, whom we interviewed recently here, provides an excellent roundup of the many ways in which musicians are leveraging their fan base…

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Farm Aid Fighting Factory Farming

Farm Aid teams up with Headcount each year to register concertgoers to vote at our annual Farm Aid concert. But Farm Aid is about much more than incredible music. Started in 1985 by Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Neil Young (Dave Matthews joined the Board of Directors in 2001), Farm Aid’s mission is to keep…

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