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Madonna Really, Really Loves Attention

Madonna goes in for the makeout session as if it’s 1992 and she can still turn a series of artsy nudes into a best-selling coffee table book and Drake reacts if he was being kissed by his least favorite Great Aunt at a night two Passover Seder his mother guilted him into attending.

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Coachella 2012 in Limbo Over Environmental Issues

Coachella in limbo? The city that hosts the indy-rock extravaganza has not yet signed a contract with the promoters of the event. They’re too busy fending off environmental concerns raised by the city next door.

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Scalpers Present: Noachella

Can’t get a ticket to Coachella? Blame scalpers. Fans and musicians alike are fed up with after-market resale.

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‘Just As Long As The Guitar Plays’: Phish, The Stones, And The Spirit(ual)

Fortunate are those who find their spirits lifted, have their souls touched deep down to the core. When the source of the spiritual-religious experience is music, it’s a special kind of communion. And when that music is rock and roll – the greatest of all American contributions to the world – it’s a particularly powerful…

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Interview: ‘Headz’ Author J. J. Colagrande

Have you ever been to a music festival, looked around, and thought, “I could write a book about this”? Well, a few months ago I noticed a post on my friend’s Facebook wall with a link to a novel called Headz and realized someone had beat us to the punch. Headz features characters you may…