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CMJ #SoundOff: More than Music

We asked a handful of artists to #SoundOff at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon in New York City!

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CMJ Day 2: Music + Social Change — It’s good for the soul!

Our Outreach Director gives us an update from CMJ, which is not only a marathon of music, but is also rich in panels discussing trends and ideas that are taking hold in the music world. Today, she checked in with what some of our allies in the “music for social good” scene are working on.

CMJ Day 1: The Future of Festivals is in the Experience

Our Director of Artist Relations takes on day 1 of CMJ, and gains some insights about the past, present, and future of music festivals as they explode in popularity.

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SXSW Is/Isn’t Fucked Up

Lately I’ve been thinking about the State of the Scene. Once upon a time, a bounty of amazing improvised rock groups – or jambands, if you will – that once trekked up and down the two coasts of this great nation, but no longer. They continue to tour, of course, but now many rely on…