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Drink Up, America, It’s The Holidays

As Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and a host of other wintery holidays invade our homes with annoying music, pine needles, Grandma’s perfume, and loving yet judgmental relatives you see only a few times a year, one substance in particular helps most of us get through December relatively unscathed: alcohol. While seeing a typically shy co-worker…

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The Xmas Factor

‘Tis the season to hear awful, horrible, terrible Christmas music everywhere. However, one of the cooler things about Warren Haynes’s annual Christmas Jams, which I’ve never attended, unfortunately, is that nearly everyone who plays appears to eschew seasonal music for hard rocking, old-fashioned picking, and novel collaborations, e.g., Coheed & Cambria singing Dylan with Mr….

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Bob Dylan To Distribute Worst Album To Citibank Customers First

It’s beginning to sound a little like Christmas thanks to Bob Dylan, whose forthcoming Christmas in the Heart is easily the most disturbing, ridiculous, and superfluous collection of seasonal song in recent memory. Yes, it’s that great – and you can hear the 30-second samples removed from its Amazon page here. Even better – or…