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Human Rights Issue Update: The GOP and Human Rights

It’s election season! The Republican selection process is underway, so let’s take a look at where the contenders stand on some important human rights issues.

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Welp, Morrissey is no Mother Theresa

Morrissey might have more animal friends than human at this point in his career. Making a case for animal rights in an interview with the Guardian last week, he classified all Chinese people as a “subspecies.”

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Human Rights Issue Update: Mountains in the (CO2) Mist

Pretty much everyone can see how climate change is an environmental, economic and public health issue, but on a recent trip to China I was reminded that climate change also profoundly affects human rights.

HeadCount Sustainability and Climate Change Update: Signs of Life for Climate Legislation

Some of you have been getting HeadCount’s Sustainability and Climate Change e-newsletter for a while. But for many of you who joined our mailing list when downloading the “Best of Bonnaroo” compilation, this will be the first time. So let me briefly introduce myself: I’m Nicole and every six weeks I’ll hit you with a brief…

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Corporate Free Speech Reigns Supreme

As part of HeadCount’s “What’s Your Issue?” campaign, we publish regular updates on each of six issues. The following is our latest Personal Liberty update. What does the New Year have in store for personal liberty issues? So far, we’ve seen the approval of an airport security measure that not only wants to see you…

In The House

What do you get when you mix four White House cabinet members, a slew of campaign-workers-turned-staffers, and 120 or so young climate activists? Something to tell your grandkids about. I had the privilege of attending the White House’s Clean Energy Economy Forum yesterday. The name doesn’t quite reveal the nature of the event. Most of…

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In the Wake of the Quake: Abigail Washburn and Shanghai Restoration Project’s ‘Artquake’

I first heard the singer and clawhammer banjo player Abigail Washburn in the excellent all-female bluegrass group Uncle Earl. It’s always cool to hear Washburn sing bluegrass in Mandarin, which she learned while studying in China. Washburn returned to China in 2005 with her Sparrow Quartet, which includes Bela Fleck. In May 2008, an earthquake…

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Remembering Tiananmen Square?

In China, the only people who apparently remember the Tiananmen Square massacre are the olds and the police. According to the New York Times, “China blanketed Tiananmen Square with police officers Thursday, determined to prevent any commemoration of the 20th anniversary of a military crackdown on pro-democracy protesters that left hundreds dead.” But as James…