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Gritty and Amazing: Road Journal from Camp Bisco

Life on the road isn’t always easy for our festival coordinators, but the love they get from our fans makes it all worthwhile.

HeadCount’s Best Year Ever

We are proud to announce that 2012 was HeadCount’s best year ever. We registered 103,340. The total for the two-year election cycle was 111,832.

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Camp Bisco XI: The Grit & the Glory

HeadCount has conquered another successful Camp Bisco with barely a scratch. It was a very dusty four days full of stories, new friends and some amazing volunteers.

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Another Winner’s Tale: Camp Bisco

The winner of the Camp Bisco “Signs of the Times” contest tells how a little activist-networking landed her a chance to meet one of her favorite bands.

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Chris & Keely’s Festival Adventure Part 3: Camp Bisco

Rain, Shpongle and quality time with Brownie at Camp Bisco X.

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How Camp Bisco almost took me to the Land of Oz

Camp Bisco 9 was my first camp but still impressive to witness.

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One Man’s Take on Silent Disco at Bisco

Building on a concept Bonnaroo made popular, Camp Bisco extended the idea to include two deejays playing at the same time.

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Simon Posford: Electronic Music On The Live Circuit

Simon Posford, has become almost as well known in the U.S. as he is in his native England, after a series of collaborations with the Disco Biscuits and other festival circuit staples. His various incarnations include Hallucinogen, Schpongle and Younger Brother, the latter of which includes DJ Benji Vaughan and, when performing as a full…

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Interview: Security Pro Marshall Rodriguez On Nitrous

Over the last few years the battle between concert promoters and people who sell nitrous oxide balloons has escalated to almost an all-out war. Standing on the front lines is Marshall Rodriguez, a fan who launched a security company in 2000 that specializes in festivals and jamband-oriented concert events. His company, Marker Security, has since…

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Congratulations Josh Gelfand, Winner of First HeadCount Reality Check at Bonnaroo

Nine straight wins. That’s what it took to win Reality Check, HeadCount’s music and politics trivia game show. After four days of competition, a disputed answer (was “Ernest” – rather than Ernesto – acceptable as Trey Anastasio’s correct legal name?), and a final tournament that attracted a throng of contestants and observers, San Diego’s Josh…