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The Bridge Session: Mission Accomplished

A HeadCount staffer reflects on The Bridge Session and the magic that can happen when people work together, for a common goal.

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Why is Obama cracking down on Medical Marijuana?

What could possibly be behind the Obama Administration’s recent crackdown on California’s medical marijuana industry?

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Education Issue Update: Matt Damon’s Schooling on Schooling

In education news: everything from anti-gay discrimination to celebrity robot lovers to a Matt Damon verbal sparring.

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Snoop Dogg: Puff Puff Pass Prop 19

When artists remind their fans that civic participation is a good thing, that’s great. When it’s Snoop Dogg – talking about weed – it’s freakin’ hilarious.

Personal Liberty Issue Update: Victory for “Gaymerica”

In a decision that cut at a major ideological schism in the US, last week a judge threw out California’s Proposition 8, a law banning gay marriage enacted in 2008 by popular vote.

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HeadCount Personal Liberty Issue Update: Lawyers, Guns and Money

What happens when you take a landmark Supreme Court case concerning Chicago’s ban on handgun ownership, then throw the 2nd Amendment and its meaning into the mix? This Personal Liberties Issue blast will cover that as well as new gay marriage laws, drug war violence and marijuana taxation and legalization. But first, we’d like to…

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Interview: ALO Man Of The World Dave Brogan

According to drummer Dave Brogan, ALO‘s music is their politics. And that personal-is-political sensibility comes through loud and clear on the group’s fourth album, Man of the World. Produced by ALO friend Jack Johnson, Man of the World is an tuneful reckoning with changing lives in a changing world. An uncertain nostalgia wends through “The…

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Marijuana Growers The Latest Environmental Enemy

There’s an environmentally correct new way to demonize cannabis consumers — and foreigners. In a post headlined “Marijuana growers worsening California drought,” the Christian Science Monitor‘s Bright Green Blog (a stoner name if ever there were one) interviews a Northern California police officer, who explains that large-scale cultivators of California’s largest cash crop are illegally…

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Pseudo Pot Legalization Hurts Drug Cartels. But Is It Enough?

It’s an argument marijuana legalization advocates have been using for years: If marijuana were legalized and regulated in America, drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) and gangs would be put out of business. But how much truth does that argument hold? The expansion of medical marijuana dispensaries and growers in California, Michigan, and Colorado could provide all the…

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Don’t Save The Date For Phish In Indio

Despite numerous rumors to the contrary, Phish today made the entire state of California disappear from its map of potential Halloween-run locations.