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Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Update: Lil’ Wayne On Top, BP On Bottom

Stories coming from the Gulf of late are a mix of “open for business” optimism and never-ending stains from last year’s spill. And of course, the music never stops. So here’s a quick update on what’s happening in my favorite region of the country.

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Sustainability & Climate Change Issue Update: Is it Hot in Here?

I’m back. I spent over a month on the road with HeadCount this summer. But in the sweltering summer heat, I never forgot about climate change. Polar bears, water wars and more in this month’s Issue Update.

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Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Update: The Flood Waters Have Finally Receded… Or Have They?

Flooding in the Gulf Coast has led to devastation on land and dead zones at sea. The region can’t seem to catch a break. That and more, like Brett Dennen’s role in recovery, in this month’s issue update.

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Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Update: Progress, Distress and $1.5 Million for Hangout

Music lovers are flocking to Gulf Shores, Alabama for the Hangout Festival this weekend, the Mississippi River is on the rise and BP remains the center of controversy in this month’s Issue Update.

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Sustainability and Climate Change Issue Update: Lawsuits in the Wake of the Oil Spill

The Gulf Coast BP oil leak has been plugged with cement. Is that the end of it? Not exactly…

The Gulf Oil Spill is Your Fault, and Mine

Through detailed investigation and heartbreaking images and stories, Dr. Carl Safina answers the questions: “what does the Gulf oil disaster really mean and why did it happen?”

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Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Update: While the Oil Has Stopped, the Toxic Flow From BP Execs Has Not

The gulf coast oil spill has produced a wellspring of concern about Gulf Coast Recovery from people across the nation, including Jimmy Buffett and Pearl Jam.

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Did BP Trade Lockerbie Bomber’s Freedom for Oil?

The goopy oil that has finally been contained from the Gulf of Mexico has forever made the U.S. skeptical of BP’s business dealings.

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New Orleans Musicians: Sorry Ain’t Enough No More (VIDEO)

NOLA residents and musicians Shamarr Allen, Dee-1, Paul Sanchez and Bennie from the Hot 8 are pissed about the BP oil spill.

Rep. to BP Exec: Just Kill Yourself Bro

OK. So that’s not exactly what Rep. Joesph Cao (R-LA) said, but it’s pretty close. While addressing BP America President Lamar McKay during a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing Tuesday, Rep. Cao suggested that instead of resigning, McKay should consider doing himself in by committing hara-kiri, a ritual suicide by disembowelment! “Well, in the…

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