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Dylan Goes Electric: An Interview With Elijah Wald

Elijah Wald has been a musician since age seven and a writer since the early 1980s. He has published more than a thousand articles, mostly about folk, roots and international music for various magazines and newspapers, including over ten years as “world music” writer for the Boston Globe. In anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the…

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The Soundtrack of Change

Protest songs aren’t dead — far from it. They’re experiencing a resurgence as musicians are getting more involved in the biggest issues of the day.

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Obama and Dylan

In February Bob Dylan a few other artists performed for Barack Obama as part of celebration of music from the Civil Rights era. In the new Rolling Stone interview Obama describes his experience meeting dylan

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Interview: George Wein and Jay Sweet On Newport Festivals Then And Now

As producer of the first Newport Jazz Festival (1954), the first Newport Folk Festival (1959), and the first New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (1970), along with countless other multiperformer events, George Wein virtually invented the modern music festival as we know it.

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How The Beatles Brought Down The Soviet Empire

Everyone loves a poll, which is like an election only much less consequential. New York City public television station Channel Thirteen wants to know which musical artist had the greatest impact on history. Over the past few weeks, entries have been narrowed down to the Beatles, Bono, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, and Michael Jackson. Something…

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Bob Dylan To Distribute Worst Album To Citibank Customers First

It’s beginning to sound a little like Christmas thanks to Bob Dylan, whose forthcoming Christmas in the Heart is easily the most disturbing, ridiculous, and superfluous collection of seasonal song in recent memory. Yes, it’s that great – and you can hear the 30-second samples removed from its Amazon page here. Even better – or…

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Mary Travers 1936-2009

Before there was Joan Baez, there was Mary Travers, who died yesterday from complications associated with the chemotherapy she was undergoing for leukemia. As the visual focus of Peter, Paul and Mary, Travers added beatnik sex appeal to the earnest commitment to good works that characterized early-sixties folk music in the wake of straighter lineups…

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Joan Baez: Human Being, Pacifist, Folksinger

Before there was Ani DiFranco there was Joan Baez. Bob Dylan’s former muse was pilloried as “phony Joanie” in the American press because of her public protests against America’s involvement in Vietnam and then for visiting Hanoi. Numerous causes later, the folk-singing pacifist, 68, is enjoying a late-game surge of interest with last year’s Steve…