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HeadCount and FireChat Go Off-The-Grid

HeadCount is teaming up with FireChat, an app from Open Garden that lets anyone communicate even when cell service and wifi are down.

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The Next Big Idea: iCitizen

iCitizen is a cutting-edge smartphone app that makes it easier to participate in democracy. You’ll be seeing a lot of iCitzen at HeadCount booths and tables this year.

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5 Political Apps for iPhone

Thanks to some genius apps, voting and political life just got a little easier. Here are 5 apps to download that promise to make the election more fun.

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Putting Democracy in Your Hands (Literally)

One thing that’s great about living in the 21st century is that if you want to connect with your elected representatives and tell them which way to vote on a particular issue, there actually is an app for that. Visible Vote is a free application, available for most smart phones, Facebook, PCs, and Macs, to…