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HeadCount on Jam Cruise!

HeadCount sent some of its top volunteers on Jam Cruise 11 as a reward for all their hard work. On board, they enjoyed great music, a dinner with artists (open to all HeadCount volunteers), and some serious bonding.

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Jam Cruise Calling

Want to go on Jam Cruise 11 for free? Volunteer to make some phone calls reminding fellow music fans to vote. The more calls you make, the better chance you have of winning. The prize includes a spot in the HeadCount Jam Cruise cabin and $400 in travel expenses.

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Interview: ALO Man Of The World Dave Brogan

According to drummer Dave Brogan, ALO‘s music is their politics. And that personal-is-political sensibility comes through loud and clear on the group’s fourth album, Man of the World. Produced by ALO friend Jack Johnson, Man of the World is an tuneful reckoning with changing lives in a changing world. An uncertain nostalgia wends through “The…