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Artists Break Their Silence for Invisible Children

Mumford & Sons and David Archuleta were among the artists who performed for Break the Silence’s Campaign ‘25’ which featured 25 musical acts playing in 18 cities on April 25th for a common purpose

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Food Becoming The New Oil

Investors have been quietly buying up chunks of fertile African and Indonesian farmland in hopes of turning a tidy profit as the world’s population increases by another 2 billion food consumers over the next forty years to 9.1 billion. German news magazine Der Spiegel, in this eye-opening article translated in Salon, reports that the governments…

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A Concert Series to Fight AIDS in Africa with O.A.R. and More

You’re probably familiar with the (RED) brand, or at least have seen it at the Gap or at Starbucks. It’s a simple business model, devised by Bono and and ONE/DATA founder Bobby Shriver where products people already buy are turned “(RED)”, and when someone buys a (RED) version of that product, a portion of it…