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Vets Deserve More

More vets committed suicide in ’09 than died in Afghanistan. Now Even as the war draws to a close, our soldiers still face an uphill battle at home with depression, PTSD, drug use, homelessness, and financial uncertainty.

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Could Afghanistan become “the Saudi Arabia of Lithium”?

Well, that’s what the Pentagon is saying. A United States mineral surveyor has released a study that says close to 1 trillion dollars worth of minerals have been discovered in Afghanistan.

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Marines Fight Taliban With Metallica, Thin Lizzy, Offspring

Everyone knows how much the Taliban hates music – with some exceptions. As I wrote in the Village Voice way back in November 2001: Afghan pop and musiqui (secular instrumental music…have become so proscribed that wary drivers took to jamming tapes of Taliban chants recounting the jihadic victories of Islamist martyrs into tape decks as…

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John McCain Urges Troop Build-Up In Afghanistan

On one side is a population increasingly uncomfortable with the president’s handling of Afghanistan. (Approval for his policies has dropped from 56 percent in April to 44 percent in September.) On the other side are John McCain and other Republican leaders, who want Obama to as much as double the 68,000 American troops already in…

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Who Can Stop Extrajudicial Killings?

I recently attended a talk by New York University professor Philip Alston, the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Killings. While his stories were horrifyingly compelling, and his experiences important, I was left truly disheartened about the inability of the UN (or any other international body for that matter) to stop

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Max And The Marginalized: ‘What Is It We’re Doing There Again?’

This blog’s former editor, Max Bernstein, has written, performed, and videoed a great rock protest number called “What Is It We’re Doing There Again?” And by “there” he means Afghanistan. We asked Max to tell us about how he came to be a political rocker: I started Max and the Marginalized in October of 2007…

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The Talibanned Sounds of Young Pakistan

In November 2001, the sounds of rubabs, dutars, and other musical instruments were heard in the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan, for the first time since the Taliban’s draconian regulations were installed in 1996. The Taliban, through its Ministry of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, had been arresting musicians, destroying instruments, shredding tapes, smashing VCRs, and…