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Millennials Won’t Wait for a Seat to Take a Stand

Will Millennials fix America’s broken political system?

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Craziest News Week Ever

If you’re head is spinning from everything that went down this week, you’re not alone. Just in case you aren’t caught up and want to know what all the commotion has been about, we’ll try to break it down for you…

Personal Liberty Issue Update: How the Candidates Define Liberty

You’ll often hear the words “freedom” and “liberty” thrown around in the Presidential campaign. What those words mean to each candidate, though, differs greatly. Here’s a quick look.

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Human Rights Issue Update: The GOP and Human Rights

It’s election season! The Republican selection process is underway, so let’s take a look at where the contenders stand on some important human rights issues.

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On the Ballot, Tomorrow: When Life Begins

Mississippi voters will decide when life begins at the polls tomorrow. The result could lead to the most restrictive reproductive laws in the country.

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Laura Bush “Comes Out” as Gay Marriage and Abortion Supporter

In an interview with Larry King, Laura Bush admits that there are at least two areas where she and G.W. don’t see eye to eye. On gay marriage: I think there are a lot of people who have trouble coming to terms with that because they see marriage as traditionally between a man and a…