Students Dress as KKK Members

For a project on racism, a Georgia high school teacher Catherine Ariemma had students in her AP history class dress up as Ku Klux Klan members and walk around the school. The intention was to make a film about racism but she failed to alert other students or teachers that a bunch of klansmen would be strolling the halls. Can anyone see where this is going? Apparently Mrs. Ariemma couldn't.

When the students walked into the cafeteria, for some crazy reason, people became confused and uncomfortable. In the video below, an African American student describes how the klaned-out students approached him and asked if they could help him reenact a lynching.

It doesn't look like this is a case of racism on the teacher's behalf. More likely it's a case of good ol' fashioned stupidity. Though it is hard to defend these students who asked their classmate if he would like to help them reenact a lynching.

The lesson the teacher learned from this ordeal: "If you want to film the Klan, do it on your own time." More stellar advice for America's youth.

She has decided to cancel production of a documentary about the Holocaust that planned to send students dressed as Nazi's to Hebrew schools.