Carlos Santana’s Architects of a New Dawn

One of the country's most socially active musicians, Carlos Santana is probably know best, at least philanthropically, as the founder of the Milagro Foundation, which provides grants to not-for-profit community organizations working with children in education, health, and the arts.

Santana's latest nonmusical project, Architects of a New Dawn, neatly combines his passions for the spiritually intangible and the progressively concrete:

Architects of A New Dawn is a project, born from the dream and vision of Carlos Santana, to create a new global network, driven by extraordinary music and powerful media content. It is designed to engage people of all walks of life to work together to create positive change in the global community where love can replace fear and where peace can replace conflict.

The Architects website hosts groups and forums devoted to green living, health, healing, meditation, solutions for the common good, and other areas of interest. In the video message below, Santana also proposes a TV station devoted to "beauty, elegance, excellence, grace, dignity, purity, and innocence, 24 hours a day, worldwide." With some 2700 "architects" already onboard, Santana's vision appears to be gaining traction.