Remember Haiti with this Radiohead Benefit Concert

Last year when an earthquake rocked Haiti, lots of musicians rallied their fans to support relief efforts.

One such group was Radiohead.  Last January the band organized a benefit concert that raised $572,754 for Oxfam, with tickets as expensive as $2,000. And now that concert is available to you by download or to watch instantly, below.

The download is free but the makers of the video do ask that you donate to Oxfam America's Haiti Earthquake and Recovery Fund.

Check out this touching success story from the Haiti relief efforts. Baby Jenny was 2-months old when the earthquake hit and was trapped under rubble with nothing to drink for four days. Recently she and her mother were reunited with the doctor who saved her life.

Let's keep the success stories coming by remembering what happened in Haiti a year ago today, watching Radiohead do their charitable thing and supporting future relief efforts.