’s Subtle GOTV Reminder

Well, actually it's not so subtle at all. In fact, it's pretty "in your face" and if you're at work, I would recommend turning your speakers down before viewing it.

Liberal activist organization has put together this video reminding you of the importance of voting in the upcoming midterm election. Really, it's blaming you, from the future... for allowing Republicans and corporations to form Republicorp and take over the country and send Sarah Palin to the Oval Office.

Connect to the video here using your Facebook account and you'll see some neat personalized features. (Be warned, you'll be accused of having stopped the sun from shining, started wars with China and Iceland, and allowed your hometown to become sponsored by MTV just by sitting home on election day!)

Fancy video gimmicks are MoveOn's calling card, and they earn high marks for creativity. Whether their highly partisan tactics will actually drive voters to the polls - well, that's another story.