If GOP Takes the House, Expect Some Changes

With a Republican majority likely to take control of the U.S. House of Representatives next Tuesday, but not of the Senate, many are wondering what this will mean for America. A recent article posted by The Week sheds some light on that question.

In terms of policy, a Republican controlled House would likely take steps to scale back ObamaCare by obstructing funding for the controversial new health care program. The Republicans would also be quite likely to extend and solidify the Bush era tax cuts that had fallen out of favor with the current Democratic Congress.

The GOP will also get to - as their battle cry has been - "Fire Pelosi." Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi  would likely be replaced by Ohio Republican John Boehner.

While the likely incoming Republican House has some identifiable goals, achievement of these goals may be something of a pipe dream. As the Democratic administration stays in Executive power and the Senate remains in Democrat hands as well, some legislative gridlock would be likely should the Republican's win the house. While Libertarians would embrace the notion of a "do-nothing" gridlocked Congress, many fear legislative stagnation in a time of economic turmoil.