Hey Vegetarians, Can I Interest You In a Little Neurotoxin?

Think you're making the healthy choice by eschewing meat? If you're opting for a non-organic veggie burger made by Boca Burger, Garden Burger or Morningstar (among others) you may be in for a surprise.

Earlier this week Mother Jones' Kiera Butler cited a Cornucopia Foundation study finding the majority of veggie burgers on the market are treated with hexane, a known neurotoxin and an EPA-registered air pollutant often associated with gasoline.

The chemical hexane is used to separate soy proteins from fat found in soy beans. The result is veggie burgers with a low fat content, but at what cost? As yet, hexane residue in foods is not monitored or regulated by the FDA.

Hopefully this news won't inconvenience Sir Paul McCartney, who has committed to an 100% meat-free 2010 summer tour.