Food Stamps and Green Carts

images7 Why shouldn't low-income families have access to fresh, local, and sustainably grown foods? Regardless of your opinions about the federal Food Stamp Program in general, the fact remains: The government gives low-income families and individuals assistance in the form of taxpayer-funded programs like Food Stamps. Why, then, shouldn't the recipients of these programs have the option to keep the money in their communities rather than passing it on to large corporations? Why shouldn't recipients have access to healthier and more environmentally friendly food options? Is this an instance of government favoritism to big agribusiness?

Fotunately, New York City appears to be leading the pack on this issue. The New York Times reports that the first 200 of a planned 1,000 fresh veggie carts are now roaming the five boroughs. And while the Green Carts, as they're known, don't yet accept food stamps (why not?), fifteen of them will soon carry Food Stamp debit-card machines so low-income folks can cash in on affordable and fresh veggies.