Egypt: The Protest Handbook

As the political situation in Egypt continues to intensify, and the government works to shut down the Internet and other media, young people are taking the lead and finding ways around  restrictions of their liberty.

Check out the document, translated by The Atlantic, making the rounds among protesters on the streets of Egypt's cities. It contains information and tactics to help citizens "protest intelligently." Among the recommendations:

  • Assemble "in residential streets far from where the security forces are"
  • Carry spray paint to blind police with, and a pot lid to use as a shield
  • Stop security vehicles by plugging their exhaust pipes with wet towels

It instructs the reader not to pass it on by monitored means such as Facebook and Twitter. The Atlantic didn't quite obey, but the translations exclude pages that outline specific tactics of the opposition, in order to protect the protesters. Even with the omissions,  it's a pretty incredible read, and an important document of what will likely be an historic moment.

The protests have not let up; check out the New York Times' The Lede blog, which is live-updating as the situation develops.