"Eat 'em like you're hung over" - HeadCount

“Eat ’em like you’re hung over”

Lampooning and competing with sugary, cheesy and exaggerated junk food pushers across the world, "A Bunch of Baby Carrot Farmers" have created an edgy, $25 million marketing campaign to play up nature's junk food. It includes one of the wittiest Twitter streams we've seen to date and a super-extreme website that subconsciously encourages you to whisper "Dangerously Cheesy" and "Do the Dew" in an intense, guttural voice. The carrot farmers hope to more than double the $1 billion domestic baby carrot market (which aren't actual baby carrots, but regular size carrots cut into snack-sized bites), according to the Associated Press.

I would like to personally endorse baby carrots, as well. I ate some today, in fact, "like the night before a new diet."

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