Dude, Where’s My Czar?

New Left Media goes above and beyond the call of duty and gets some truly fantastic and hilarious interviews with these passionate teabaggers during the 9/12 protests in Washington, D.C .

These people are pissed off. They're mad about "Obamacare." They're really mad about black women having abortions. And they're really, really mad about czars (they apparently don't know what Washington czars do).

While the protest drew a large crowd, it's unclear (and controversial) how many people showed up. DC's Fire Department estimates that some 75,000 people attended but FreedomWorks is claiming up to 800,000. But FOX News viewers should be outraged at the bold-faced lie Glenn Beck told about the turnout:

"We had a university, I think it's University of -- I don't remember which university it is -- um, look at the pictures. And you know, they can do body space and calculate, 1.7 million, that crowd was estimated."

It is Fox News, after all.

The teabaggers are clearly angry ; what's less clear is why. One thing's certain, however: They love Glenn Beck. And while it's great the teabaggers are excercising their first-amendment right, it's hard to escape the fact that many of them are also perpetuating racism and ignorance. I mean, if Obama is this Hitler-Antichrist hybrid trying to destroy the constitution, wouldn't he have stopped their protest?