Did you hear? Congress is up for grabs!

It’s September, marking the end of summer, back to school for some, the return of pumpkin spice lattes, tailgates, planning Halloween costumes  - and most importantly, time to get ready to vote on November 8th! 

If your fall is looking as busy as mine, please stop reading now and request a mail-in ballot for this election immediately. Or, if you’d prefer to cast your ballot in person, go ahead and check out early voting dates and polling place hours for your state - make a plan and schedule it on your calendar.

This midterm election the stakes could not be higher. Control of congress will be determined by the results — with 35 Senate seats and the entire House of Representatives on the ballot. These are the people that will write and pass our federal laws for the foreseeable future.

What’s more, 36 governors and countless state legislators are up for election — these state lawmakers decide laws on everything from access to abortion to air quality standards to election laws. State races and ballot initiatives should have your attention right now as those elections will directly impact your life in 2023 and what kind of election we will have in 2024.

You have options on who you want to vote for and how you cast your ballot.  Learn about them and make the best plan for you and democracy - because we all need your voice to be heard!

Don’t wait! Make a plan to vote today.