Anti-Student Voting Bill Dies in NH

Efforts in New Hampshire to disenfranchise the young have been stopped for now.

Last month, New Hampshire Representative Gregory Sorg (R) sponsored a bill that would require college students to establish residency in their college towns before they enroll in school, if they want to vote there. This would exclude most students from the voting process.

The proposed bill is a clear affront to young voters, but Sorg's colleague House Speaker, Bill O'Brien added insult to injury by criticizing the intelligence and decision making ability of young people, calling them "foolish" and accusing them of "just [voting] their feelings." Watch the video here:

Rock the Vote took an early and strong stand, promoting their Voter Suppression is Un-American campaign. RTV's Vice President, Thomas Bates labeled the proposal a "War on Voting" early this week. Students in New Hampshire and across the country staged protests against the proposed bill. The good news: earlier today, a committee voted that the House not pass the bill. This may not be the last we've seen of this (or similar) bills, but for now young people can celebrate their continued enfranchisement.