A Real Whodunnit: The Oil Spill Blame Game

And now the for the latest action in the Gulf oil spill accountability blame game – BP is alleging in federal court  that Halliburton intentionally destroyed evidence that would have exposed their negligent and procedurally unfounded cementing process used on the Macondo well. According to BP, Halliburton destroyed test samples that would show the cement used to seal the well was unstable.

Each one of these multi-billion dollar companies that have individually been found liable in some way, not just BP, are looking for any possible 'out' that would save them millions in damages. Even BP is winning legal battles and reaping the economic benefits that accompany a judgment in their favor. BP is due to receive $250 million in a settlement with Cameron International, a company used by BP to design the blowout preventer. “Today’s settlement allows BP and Cameron to put our legal issues behind us and move forward to improve safety in the drilling industry,” says BP CEO Bob Dudley. Now Cameron is removed from the chain of responsibility and BP makes more empty pledges to continue the clean-up.  Where is the progress going to begin?

The point I'm trying to make here is that all this time has passed and the people of America stand as the pawns in the blame game being put on by BP, Halliburton, Transocean and countless others. Where do the people come in? What about the environment? Instead of trying to fight for less in damages, these corporate giants should be fighting for the good of the people hurt by their shared negligence. The fact of the matter is that all has not been made right in the Gulf; actually, no one has stepped up to even come close.  BP continues to have a hand in the claims honoring process; Transocean won’t even take responsibility for their proven fault; and Halliburton may now be found to have intentionally destroyed incriminating evidence.  Give me a break! Corporations, step up to the plate and accept responsibility for what you have done.

Oh, and if you're hoping our friends in Washington will help officiate the blame game, think again: current legislation aiming to bring billions of dollars in fines directly to the affected states is being held up by an influential Ohio congressman.