Wii Vote

So, for those of you out there who aren't big gamers, I feel your pain! I am not a big gamer. But my partner is, and he is always reading up on the latest and greatest games, and finding out cool little tid-bits about the gaming world. Every now and then, there is something he tells me about that catches my attention, and is actually pretty cool.

Nintendo Wii is truly a cool gaming system. I mean, you can break a sweat without leaving your living room, and for me, that is news-worthy! I have to admit, I am  impressed with the system and all of it's perks. (Like being able to hook it up to a broadband connection and play with anyone around the world--pretty groovy.)  In today's world, it seems technology is boundless. A couple of days ago, in the dorkiest magazine for gamers, I came across a pretty cool feature of the Nintendo Wii that I had been unaware of: Voting!!!!!

Yes, that's right HeadCounters--it's everywhere! So here's how it works; You have to be hooked up to the internet and there is a section you can access where people all over the US are voting. They are voting for things like, "do you prefer pie or cake" (people actually prefer cake by more than 20%!!!!) And the system gives you the results, and then breaks it down my region as to who prefers what. (Let it be known that people on the East Coast and Deep South prefer to eat pie, and those in the Midwest and West coasts, let them east cake!) Now, while pie and cake may not seem the most relevent issues, (unless it's your birthday) I am always impressed when I see these types of things. It's kind of a funny thing because we seem a culture obsessed with voting. Don't believe me? Just go on your favorite news website. I'll bet you that they have a daily vote....like "Should Hillary drop out of the race?" (That was on www.time.com yesterday.) So, being as such, why don't so many go out and vote in the "biggest vote" our country has? Furthermore, if Nintendo Wii can manage to have an effective vote casting arena...why can't the government???