The Democrats Vs. The Democrats

The election is impending and everyone is getting involved. Headcount is involved in the duty of registering voters and helping to give young people a voice, but with more and more young people turning out, who's side are they on? It really is hard to tell who's who. More than anything, I hear a lot of democratic names being tossed around. The media has begun to portray the primary elections as the "democratic gauntlet" in which only one's idealism will survive--and its sure to a bloody mess. Hillary. Obama. They are positively everywhere. Each constantly has a rebuttle against another, but are these two precedential candidates dividing their own people?

It is hard to say whether the ripples of the primary will cause a divide, but for me, I feel that the nature of the primaries are in a downward tail-spin. That is not to say that entertainment value is down, or furthermore, that the drama does not make for a proverbial "perfect storm" in the call for youth involvement--it does. In choosing a candidate, I do want to feel that I have a good pool of people to choose from, but the dismembering of reputation that is inevitably tied to election processes is tiring. Why do we thrive on the carnage of the campaign trail? So, too, do we speculate about civility; when we see Hillary smiling during the debate, we are sure that we can see the hate oozing from her. Perhaps it is simply human nature to revel in competition and choose a side. Or Maybe it's that sometimes things get so bad, or so heated, that people come out with their voices to say what they want. Revolutionary times call for evolutionary measures... Perhaps we are evolving.