Studying Music Abroad, All Expenses Paid.

Do you want to study abroad? Yeah. Do you want to do it with someone else’s money? Hell yeah. Want to study international music culture while you're there? Well my friends, you should know that The Fulbright scholarship has taken a turn toward the musical.

Art rockers Imagine Dragons, singer-songwriter Rita Ora, and DJ Steve Aoki are joining forces with mtvU and the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to nominate candidates for The Fulbright scholarship. For those of you who don’t know, the Fulbright provides funds to students who want to conduct research abroad. One catch: you have to come up with an awesome research idea.

For the Fulbright-mtvU Fellowship, you have to create a project that includes “research on an aspect of international musical culture and should focus on contemporary or popular music as a cultural force for expression or change.” Read more about it here.

Why are these artists super excited to work with the Fulbright-mtvU program? According to Imagine Dragons, "It's an honor to be a small part of a program that does so much good. Music is such a universal means of communication — it seems fitting that the Fulbright Fellowship uses it as a tool to make a positive cross-culture impact...We're excited to see the applicants' proposals." You see they’re excited — so this could be a great opportunity!

Rita Ora wants to get involved because there is actually a grantee in her home country of Kosovo. She says, “It’s a passion of mine to kind of lift a country, a nation, or even a few people — and it’s a really nice feeling knowing that you can help even two of those people.”

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What does the wild DJ Steve Aoki have to say about this? Well, "When mtvU approached me about being involved in the Fulbright scholarship selection process, I agreed without hesitation. As a proud alumnus of UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara), with a double major in Social Science and Women's Studies, I know first-hand how important a college education is.” Who knew?!

Once the candidates are picked by the trio, the final decision on the Fulbright awards will be determined by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board. There’s more than one winner so keep your hopes high!

For those of you that are interested, apply here by March 1st. If you get picked it's pretty awesome knowing that your idea was chosen by some musical geniuses.