Students For Sensible Drug Policy Convening In SF

Students For Sensible Drug Policy's annual conference kicks off Friday in San Francisco with a field trip to a model medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland – and gets even more sensible from there.

There's still time to register and attend the three-day event striking a smart balance of politics and "DARE generation" culture. Keynote speakers include former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, Drug Policy Alliance Excecutive Director Ethan Nadelmann, and California State Representative Tom Ammiano, who hopes to legalize marijuana in the state.

Saturday's panels discussions about harm reduction, drug legalization, and psychedelic research, Mexico's increasingly terrifying drug war, and how America's own drug war foments racism.

Sunday's focus is on action, with panels dedicated to organizing, media relations, lobbying, networking, and other nuts-and-bolts strategies for getting things done.

Yes, there'll be socializing opportunities, too – especially Saturday night, when the SSDP throws Benefit Concert and Awards Banquet, featuring Roots of Creation.